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The WWVi lab started as an experiment in aerial photography and videography and grew into a lab to support the ongoing research we were doing into these technologies. You can watch the video presentation we made on ARDi (Aerial Research Drone 1) which is the story of ARDi, Project FireEye and the real start of this Lab.

This lab website, along with its predecessor, is here to document the builds, the experiments and the results of the research into model UAVs. 

The experiments went from what is possible and what technology is available into how we can integrate this technology and build these devices economically while still being able to resolve real world problems. This lab has never sold its work nor does it sell UAVs or UAV services, we have been known to pack up our gear and go to work volunteering for a good cause. If you need help for a good cause, it cannot hurt to ask. During the first 3 years and 30 Models, we have repeatedly said we do not sell UAVs, but it makes sense that if you are here ready you probably need to buy parts or a UAV, so the new design is really about increasing the usefulness of the information for you the visitor

As such, the Lab now offers direct links to vendors where we have purchased components, and in some cases you will get a better price by using our links as they are tied to vendors who support our work and believe in what we do

In April of 2010, we began negotiations with Aerobot in Australia to construct our first drone. We have been crazy about little flying robots ever since. We are located in Canada's Sub-arctic, on the banks of the Mighty Slave River, next to Wood Buffalo National Park in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. This lab is generously funded by Western Willow Ventures Inc. in hopes that the research here can be used for the betterment of mankind.

To find out more about Me, Franco Nogarin, see my personal website at: SPYD.COM

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