Adapting RD16 to the TMF Pro FC

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So after RD16 spent about 5 days and nights up on top the roof of the local hockey arena, during the darkest heart of winter, it just never flew right again. I decided to take RD16 back to basiscs and strip off the OpenPilot Copter Control and replace it with a TMF pro. 

This is rd16 with OPCC and an Xbee installed.

RD16 was built to house an OPCC, so I removed the OP gear and prepare to create a mouning system to fit the TMF.

I am not quite sure yet where the CC will go, but mos likely I will adapt it back into RD19 aka Icarus.

Here I am removing the threaded rod that made up the standoffs to hold the CC up.

I use my universal mounting adapter to plan a new mountign strategy. Slices of silicone tubing make gread rubber vibration damping washers.

Using the universal mounting plate as a template I mark out the new TMF mouning holes I will make in the container lid.

I use these nylon screws and standoffs in the lid to create a new mouning point for the TMF pro.

with the holes drilled, th standoffs go in.

With the lid securely mounted to the frame and incorperating the silicon slices, we are ready for the TMF.

In goes the flight controller.

After changing out two problematic ESCs that were damaged duing the exposure to extreme cold, I notices one of the shaft adapters on this motor was bent, adding vibrations to the overall frame.

I remove the bent one and replace it with a new one.

I threw on a pair of red props (1045) up front, to assist in Daytime LOS Orientations, and test the lights for night LOS flying.

After a quick test flight hauling the go pro, we are back in AP/AV business :) RTF!

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