Building Bones (RD43)

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SO this started as a desire to build one quad that could have interchangeable motors, ESCs and flight controller but ended up being a way more fun that it should have been :)

I started with my newest favorite frame, teh Hobby king SK-450 which is an Xaircraft Clone.

A claw goes on each arm, and I put my 2200KV motors on the plates. and selected my Blue Series (flashed) Hobby King 30A ESCs.

The arms go on

then the motors and a PDB

Next I flipped it over and test fit the ESCs

then mounted the ESCs and connected the motors.

mounted the TMF FC using a few peices of velcor affixed in non critical areas.

then mounted it to the quad

Tidied up and an RX installed:

with the TMF gain all the way off, it flies like butter with 8 inch props on both 3s (3300mah) and 2s (5000mah).

Lessons learned: do not put the wrong color heat shrink on the power side of the ESC or you will hook it up backwards and when you [plug in your lipo you will cook one of your new ESCs and very nearly cause a bad fire.

So additional expense for this build:

  • One cooked ESC - 12$
  • Props 8$
  • About 3 hours of time


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