Icarus gets a new brain - Hello CC3D - UPDATED Bye Bye CC3D

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  • This mod started with Icarus without an FC:
  • We mount the CC3D on an adapter
  • We connect the ESC to the CC3D
  • The FC is then mounted
  • The RX is connected
  • Standoffs for future PipX Install are also installed
  • The RX is mounted
  • The Dome goes back on, ready for configuration in OPGCS

April 30 UPDATE: For a very short window of time I was lucky enough to have a CC3D to test, When a fellow member of the OpenPilot community lost a model with his CC3D onboard, I felt it might be the right thing to do and help him out and send him mine, I was not in a postion to test it properly, and will be content to wait and fly the final product. So we will be installing a TMF back onto Icarus.


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