Ninja Turtle power system continued (RD33)

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With the main plate off, we begin installing our power distribution system.

Some small standoffs will hold the PDB in place.

The presoldered connectors on the HK PDB are nice but in the wrong place for this build So we will make some changes.

We will leverage those connectors to hold the ESCs in place.

I will salvage the FC from RD31 while i wait for parts for this frame.

Removing the TMF Pro.

Its out.

We thread the braided motor wires and tuck them into a sleve of yellow shrink tube, the rear arms will get black shrink.

the motor wires are EXTRA L O N G.

Making a loop to insert into he shrink tube.

The shrinktube goes on.

The front arms are ready.

Thats it till the next build session!

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