Reinstalling the TMF into RD10 aka Aqua

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So my TMFs Came in from, and I put one back into Aqua :)


I installed the board after redrilling one of the corner holes that seems a bit too small for some reason, and then secured it with a few nylon nuts.


Then put the ESCs back on the board and the RX cable, but now for the life of me I dont see any Receivers in my lab. Doh!!!

Hmm, wait for an RX, or scavenge one off another model.... we will have to wait and see.

Nope, found one, threw it in, fired it up, dialed back the gain about 1/3 from 2/3 and it flew beautifully in my livingroom. Now its ready for a varienty of telemtry options and sensors to make flying over and around water safer.


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