Welcome RoboCam

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After I built my Antenna Tracker, I decided to start getting the most out of it and taking advantage of it. RoboCam records my FPV flights of the Onboard FPV cam and OSD, and at the same time captures video/stills of myself and my aircraft while I fly!

For those who dont know about this type of RC FPV technology simply put, RoboCam communicates with my flying Bot, the flying bot tells robocam where it is in 3d space at all times using a lat, long and elevation, then robocam which knows that its lat long and elevation are that of the bot at the start of the flight, does some calculations and calculates where to turn the antenna and camera and how high up to point to shoot it.



So Now the antenna tracker hosts two Mini monitors, DVR, And of course the HD Keychain camera, running the whole thing into RoboCam. 

Lots more pictures here: http://uavlab.spyd.com/remote/robocam-groundstation-images


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