Robbe Roxxy Brushless Outrunner 2827-35


Brushless outrunner motor Robbe Roxxy 2827-35 with 14 poles.

Thanks to the high torque of this motor it can drive big propellers. It's vibration level is low as well as it's noise.

This motor is in black color anodized alloy, it has extra-long cables and a short shaft (which is ideal for coaxial arrangement for instance).

The Roxxy 2827-35 especially designed for the Mikrokopter UAV aircrafts, for non-XL versions like:
Quad L4ME
Hexa 2
Okto 2

Technical specifications:
Number of LiPo (Lithium-Polymer) cells: 2-4
Consumption: 6-9 A
Consumption peak tolerated (60 sec.): 10A max.
RPM: 760 KV
Propellers: 10x5'' to 12x5''
Power: 110 Watts
Thrust max.: 20 grams
Total weight (with / without cable): approx 69g / 54g
Dimensions: 28.8 x 29 mm
Shaft diameter: 3.17 mm

Recommended Propellers:
LiPo 3S: 10x4.5'' (EPP1245)
LiPo 4S: 10x4.5'' (EPP1045)

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