Suppo 2217/9 950KV BL Motor - 4mm Shaft




Suppo is a leading manufacturer of professional motors, ESCs, and other RC electronics on the market today. Their motors provide excellent performance, quality, and dependability at an affordable price. Manufactured with top-quality bearings and components, Suppo brushless motors are some of the smoothest and most powerful in their class.

Suppo 2217/9 (28-33) 950kv Specifications:

  • Number of Cells: 2-3s lipo; 6-10 cell NiMh
  • Max Efficiency Current: 5-15A (>75%)
  • No Load Current (10v): .9A
  • Max Current: 15A/60s
  • Max Efficiency: 80%
  • Internal Resistance: 95mΩ
  • Shaft Size: 4.0mm
  • Poles: 8
  • Max Watts: 200W
  • Weight: 70g
  • Dimensions: 27.5x33 (mm)
  • Minimum Recommended ESC: 20A

**Please refer to the manufacturer specifications listed above to determine the correct ESC size for your application. For safety reasons, we suggest you choose an ESC rated for at least 20% above the max current rating of the motor (example: if your motor’s max current rating is 35A, choose an ESC of at least 42A). If you are new to the hobby or have questions about choosing the correct ESC, please call or email us before ordering!

Note on Motor Size: We list this motor as a Park 425 equivelant due to its larger size and power output compared to our Suppo 2212 (Park 400 equiv.) motors. It is larger than our 400-class outrunners, but smaller than our 450-class motors. The Peak 425 motor class is perfect for applications requiring a motor with more power than a 400 but less weight than a 450.


No. Of cells


Max. efficiency current

NoLoad current/ 10 V




A2217K-9 T6-102-3950 KV5 - 15 A (>75%)0.9A15A/60s



Max. efficiency

Shaft diameter (mm)

Weight with cables

Internal Resistance

Dimensions (mm)

A2217K-9 T80%4mm70g95m?27.5x30


Part#Recommended Model WeightRecommended Prop w/o Gearbox
A2217K-9 T300 - 800 g10 X 4.7 or 10 x 6



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