Air Frame

X-4 FPV Fiberglass Quadcopter Frame 485mm

Just when you thought that all multi-rotor frames looked the same...the X-4 FPV appeared on the scene and is breaking all the rules! Featuring fiberglass construction with ply reinforcement, the X-4 is super rigid yet lightweight.

HK SIX Hexacopter frame.


This frame, is a derivative of the Hoverthings line of frames. When Tom sent out a design to be cut for hex plates for his line of HT frames, the vendor released his drawings to the asian market and at some point Hobby king released this frame. Kudos to Tom for his designs, they are so good the are stolen globally.

Hobbyking SK450 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 450m

The Hobbyking SK450 is a brilliantly designed 450mm quad frame built from top quality materials. The main frame is high quality glass fiber while the arms are constructed from ultra durable polyamide nylon.



Blade® mQX

Unlike quadcopters designed to be camera platforms, the nimble mQX is a pilot's quadcopter that's been engineered to be remarkably responsive and fun to fly. Its advanced AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization in 3 aXis) System gives it a sense of precise control that rivals that of bigger quad-copters that cost a whole lot more.


FunFly 525 Quadcopter frame

 Made by High strength toughness engineering nylon and Aluminium alloy
- Can support 20kg weight in central
- Length:525MM (opposite angles)
- Folding design ,High precision high strength
- Easy  to set up ,The performance is stable
- Supports 4-axis "+" and "X" flight mode
- Weight:350gram

RM450V1 - DJI Style quad frame


Wheelbase:  17.7in/450mm
       Weight: 0.65lb/282g(Appr)
       Made by advanced engineering material, super strong & smooth.
       Kit(need you assemble yourself)
       Red/White color

Recommended config (Not Included):

A2208 OR A2212 800KV~1100kv brushless motor x4 sets 
ESC 15~25A X4 sets 
1800MAH~3600mAh 3S LiPo battery X1 SETS 
1045 OR 8045 Forward&Reverse propeller  X4 SETS


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