RD-2 - Codename: The Clone - Status: Retired

Estimated cost to build this model today.
$88 USD

 RD2 was the first MUAV built by WWVi - RD2 had a total failure during the first offical test flight and was destroyed. The fault was traced back to poor QC - cold solder joints on the ESC caused a failure during flight causing the ESC to overheat and the solder to go molten. This copter was a kit purchased from foxtech. we have not purchased again from them.

Sigma Terminator
Quadcopter +
Analog Devices ADXRS610
STMicroelectronics LIS344ALH - MK
None Installed At This Time
Freescale Semiconductor MPX4115A - MK
None Installed At This Time
None Installed At This Time
Flightmax 4S 30C 2450 mAh Lipo
FoxTechFPV MK Clone ESC 1.3
GWS 9050x3 Counter Rotating Sets
Futaba 9C Super - DM8 (Spektrum)
FoxTechFPV MK Clone PPM adapter
Spektrum AR7000 RX


Hobby King Quadcopter V1


Suppo A2212-13 1000KV Brushless Motor

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RD2 - Maiden / Final Test Flight - Soldering fails

originally posted: Fri December 17, 2010
This was my first and last experience with an imitation MK FC.

Friday, December 10, 2010 - 00:00