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Building an Antenna Tracker


So I finally bought the ReadyMadeRC EagleEyes Antenna Tracker. SHould have bnought it 2 years ago but alas we cant have everything, it was a nice easy build , well documented instructions in english with color pictures. I would rate the build experience as 5 out of 5 ;-)

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Icarus gets a new brain - Hello CC3D - UPDATED Bye Bye CC3D

  • This mod started with Icarus without an FC:
  • We mount the CC3D on an adapter
  • We connect the ESC to the CC3D
  • The FC is then mounted
  • The RX is connected
  • Standoffs for future PipX Install are also installed
  • The RX is mounted
  • The Dome goes back on, ready for configuration in OPGCS

April 30 UPDATE: For a very short window of time I was lucky enough to have a CC3D to test, When a fellow member of the OpenPilot community lost a model with his CC3D onboard, I felt it might be the right thing to do and help him out and send him mine, I was not in a postion to test it properly, and will be content to wait and fly the final product. So we will be installing a TMF back onto Icarus.

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Goodluckbuy.com - KK 5.5 with USBAVR programmer



Classic. I bought two of these boards, and now I regret it, first they are preprogrammes with the old minsoo 2.2 firmware in plus mode, not a big deal till you want to upgrade them. When you do you will discover that teh included programmer does not actually work with the KK board nor will it work with any software that programs the kk board.


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