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RD43 aka Troubadour ready to film.


At long last, this model is ready for professional filming.

The addition of hte VectorDD Brushless GoPro Gimbal, which replaced the Jakub Quadframe gopro Gimbal on Jakub Quadframe  Landing Legs, makes the difference on this machines fliming attributes!

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RD44 Design and Build


The initial design started with a simple hexagon that would allow the inclusion of all the holes


Next I had to map out where the holes would go, keeping in mind that this was a universal plate design for both upper and lower deck.

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Building Bones (RD43)


SO this started as a desire to build one quad that could have interchangeable motors, ESCs and flight controller but ended up being a way more fun that it should have been :)

I started with my newest favorite frame, teh Hobby king SK-450 which is an Xaircraft Clone.

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